A picture may speak a thousand words, but picture collages are much cooler to look at. Take a look at the sample to the right. It looks awesome right? I created this using software from Microsoft called . It is a great app where you place 7 to 15 pictures in a folder, tell the program to look at that folder and it will automatically create a photo collage for you! AutoCollage 2008

But there are some other photo collage offerings out there on the net. Some of them have a great deal of features and some don’t. But most of them are free :)

My second pick is .com. image

Pick #3 goes to . This is similar to AutoCollage 2008 but has more features and options. There is even a free Shape Collage Facebook app

Last, but not least, pick #4 goes to Google’s . Picasa has a collage feature built right into the app! Google has instructions online on how to build a collage in Picasa but you will find that it is extremely easy to use. Here’s how to create a collage: 

A new tab opens inside of the app window called “Collage” and you start adding your photos to the collage right there.


The more that I play around with Picasa the more I find myself using it. Google Picasa is completely free for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Picasa just might be the last photo app you ever use.

Well, that’s about all of the collage-type applications that I recommend. Feel free to comment on what you recommend yourself! I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day!