Here is another interesting problem that I helped a user resolve… One of my customers was having a problem trying to print from a Citrix Web hosted application, which uses the Citrix ICA Client version 10 (Citrix Presentation Server v4.5 I think, pre-XenApp…). The customer’s default printer from their Windows profile was not getting properly redirected in the Citrix session. In fact, the application was only displaying the XPS Document printer, not the user’s default printer, and the drop down box to select a different printer was greyed out! This was a strange problem indeed.

Long story short, I noticed that there were 9 printers (yes, 9 different printers) mapped in Printers and Settings. The customer only needed to print to one specific printer, so I deleted all of the excess printers; which left only 2 printers in the Windows profile. I had the customer log off of the Citrix application, then log back in. The customer was able to select their printer (which was selected by default) and was able to print multiple jobs to the printer without any further problems.