One of the most important pieces of software on a computer is some type of office suite. Some of the most popular office suites are Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Corel Office, and maybe even IBM Lotus. The downside to all of these office suites is that they cost money (sometimes even cost a LOT of money). So the question remains, what is out there that is free? Look no further than .
started up as a new project when Oracle Corp. decided to do something else with the OpenOffice name (Oracle owns, or owned, the rights to OpenOffice). The Document Foundation formed and borrowed the code from OpenOffice and started something new, called . It is open source, fast, current with the times, and available for all operating systems.
I personally have it installed on my home and work PCs. It is a nice change from the Microsoft Office suite, especially when I am writing documentation or college papers, because the interface is simple, well designed, and very easy to “pick up and go” with. So, if you are looking for some type of free alternative to Microsoft or Apple’s office suite, or if you just want to try something new or different, download LibreOffice