Even in this economy, there are so many people that just like to complain about everything. They complain and they don’t even try to make things better for their situation. They don’t try to get out of the rut they may be in, and they especially claim to hate their jobs. Instead of being grateful of having the privilege of being able to work and in turn receive a paycheck, they complain about the work they do, they complain that they don’t get paid enough, and they complain loudly about everything they can. They complain about prices, they complain about compensation, they complain about living in an apartment and not living in their own house. They also complain about their freedoms in the U.S. Constitution!
People do this because they feel that they are entitled to something better. And this attitude, this entitlementattitude, is exactly the problem with America today. Now, did you notice above that I said that having a job is a privilege? Well my friends, this is true. You are NOT entitled to owning a home, but you ARE entitled the OPPORTUNITY OF owning a home. You are NOT entitled to owning a car, but you ARE entitled to the OPPORTUNITY to be able to purchase and own a car. Everything in life is a privilege and the sooner you understand this fact, the more you will understand about life and how to live it. I used to be this type of person – a complainer with an entitlement attitude. But, I have changed…
I have a great deal of fun at my job. I have the opportunity to learn a great deal about how to manage a very large enterprise network, I have the opportunity to be involved with very large projects that affects the future of our enterprise as well as our customers, and I have the opportunity to showcase my current abilities and be able to share, and teach, them with my entire team. I can guarantee you that if I had an entitlement attitude, I believe that I would not be enjoying my job. I would complain about not receiving training, I would expect to be a part of projects without question and if I wasn’t offered to be a part of one I would complain about it. I would also not be willing to share my knowledge and instead would simply expect others to show me what to do instead of figuring it out for myself and asking questions later.
How did I get to this point? How did I finally learn to want to be a better person? To be a better worker? To be a better person in this life?
Well, I suppose I created a set of my own mental guidelines to follow not only at work, but in my personal and family life. In no particular order, here are the 10:

  1. Never settle for status-quo. There is always a faster, easier, better way to get the job done.
  2. Change is good if it is an improvement! Continual improvement is a lost virtue – teach it, learn it, live it.
  3. Work now, play later.
  4. Share your knowledge and others will share theirs in return.
  5. Accept your mistakes. Learn from them and make yourself better.
  6. If you feel like you could have done more, then you should have done so in the first place.
  7. Don’t complain about your job, ever. If it is not meant to be, it is time to move on.
  8. Don’t complain about the tasks given to you by your supervisor, ever. There is a reason why you are given the task.
  9. Be honest. Lies truly do not pay off in the end.
  10. Be like Jesus and work as if you are working for God because He truly is the best boss to work for!