The Windows 8 Developer Preview was unfinished junk, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview increased my confidence in the product ten fold, and the Windows 8 Release Preview made me decide to never go back to Windows 7, ever. Just like Windows 7 was worlds better than Windows Vista and Windows XP, Windows 8 is better than Windows 7. There, I said it and there is nothing you can do about it!

Even though the features in Windows 8 are not much different than what is currently available in Windows 7, it is enough for me to make the claim that Windows 8 is WAYYYY better than Windows 7. Here are my reasons as to why I am never going back to Windows 7 (unless I am forced to do so):

  • The upgrade process from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is excellent and it actually works! It used to be a lengthy process to perform an OS upgrade and most I.T. professionals would never suggest to “upgrade” a Windows OS. Instead, they would recommend to follow the wipe and reload process because upgrading almost never, ever, worked correctly the first time. But performing an ‘upgrade’ from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with the installer on the Windows 8 ISO actually worked! Win8 kept all of my installed applications, files, user profiles, and settings and just ported them over to the new OS without any issues. Its about time that upgrading Windows works like it should.
  • Windows 8 boots faster than Windows 7. That’s right; Windows 8 is FASTER than Windows 7 in almost every area. Don’t believe me? Check this site for proof
  • The File Explorer (Windows Explorer) enhancements not only make sense, but help me perform everyday tasks faster. The “ribbon” view is found in most every bit of current Microsoft software, so why not make it the standard inside the OS? The old File, Edit, View bars are dated and don’t really help anyways. ISO mounting is now embedded in File Explorer which is a long time coming in my opinion. The File Explorer enhancements are a welcome addition.
  • The new Task Manager is one of the best things about Windows 8. The Task Manager from Windows 7 and before doesn’t help as a troubleshooting tool whatsoever. Now, Task Manager actually helps you make a decision if there is a problem. See this link for more details on Task Manager.
  • Windows Defender now protects the OS from viruses. In fact, Windows Defender in Windows 8 is just a rebrand of Microsoft Security Essentials – it is the same thing! Virus and malware protection is now built right into Windows 8. I no longer need to install 3rd party virus protection the moment I install Windows 8 since it is already built in. Not even Apple can make that claim with OS X. Click here for details on the new Windows Defender.
  • You can link your Microsoft Account with your Windows 8 PCs to sync bookmarks, favorites, display settings, preferences, and profile data with your other Windows 8 computers. Have a Windows 8 PC at home and at work? Link them together with your Microsoft Account and your personalization and profile settings will stay in sync! I think this is a great feature because it will help people with computers both at work and at home have a more familiar user experience with Windows 8, in addition making it easier for them to get started using their computer for the day. You can just ‘pick up and go’ when your settings are synced. Also, it will help people restore their personalization settings faster on their computers in case they need to refresh their Windows 8 installation.
  • The taskbar enhancements and better multiple monitor support are long overdue, but they are finally here! The taskbar is finally spanned across ALL monitors instead of only showing up on just one. Plus, I can change the taskbar icons to display on specific monitors as I see fit.
  • The new Start Menu just makes sense. In the beginning, I was thrown off by the new Start Menu, but I find that I never use it. Yes, the new Start Menu is designed for tablet use, but it is still a fully functional “starting place” for all PC types. For desktop and laptop computers, you really don’t need to use the Start Menu anyways. If you are using the Start Menu to launch your applications, then you are NOT using your computer efficiently. I don’t have Windows 8 installed on a tablet. I am using Windows 8 on desktop and laptop computers and I NEVER use the Start Menu. If I do use the Start Menu, I ONLY use the search feature to find an app. To those that keep on complaining about the new Start Menu, get over it and learn how to use your computer more efficiently.
  • Hands down, the best feature of Windows 8 is the Power Users Task Menu

Overall, I am very happy with the latest changes that Microsoft has made to the Windows OS. Just like Windows 7 gave me the ability to work faster on my computer than in Windows XP, I am able to do my work even faster in Windows 8 than in Windows 7. If these are not reasons enough to say that I love Windows 8, I don’t know what else would.