Here is the scenario: You just finished installing RightFax on a Windows Server and launch the RightFax Enterprise Fax Manager tool from the Start Menu. As soon as you click on any of the options on the left pane, an error appears.


Clicking OK then brings up a login window. You type your domain credentials, but it doesn’t work and you are never allowed to administer RightFax.

The fix is that once you click OK at the first error screen, at the login screen type the user ID “ADMINISTRATOR”, leave the password blank, and click OK.


This is one of those really important things that OpenText\Captaris just happened to leave out of both the RightFax Installation Guide and the RightFax Administrator’s Guide. The first error is telling you that the user account you are using doesn’t have admin rights to RightFax (since RightFax has its own user database). By default, RightFax has a global administrator account which is enabled after a fresh install, and this admin account doesn’t have a password (the password is blank). I don’t know if the same problem happens in a new install of RightFax 10… I hope this helps out someone trying to set up RightFax on their own.