So you have been known as ‘the IT guy’ at home, with friends, and with family. How many times has a family member called up and asked for your help with a computer problem? I assume too many. The thing that sucks the most about helping out those with almost NO computer experience is that it is extremely difficult to try to help them over the phone. Most of the time they will not listen to you, or explicitly follow the steps that you tell them to try. As the phone call goes on and on, you and the person on the other line only get more and more frustrated. The fastest way to make you and them happy would be to start a remote desktop session and take control of their PC. Sure, you could use Windows Remote assistance but there is something much easier.

Here is exactly what you and the user needs to do:
Tell the user to go to in their web browser, click on the “Show My PC To Remote User” link and keep on hitting run until the

When finished, don’t forget to and email an invoice