I have been assisting with maintaining the desktop images at my current place of employment. Everything works fine for now, but the company wants to deploy Windows 7 with Office 2010 VERY soon. The problem is, we are still using Symantec Ghost 7.5. And Ghost 7.5 does not support Windows Vista or Windows 7. So I have been researching different desktop imaging or OS deployment solutions for Windows, even playing around with a few of them. We still have not decided on a solution to roll with permanently because we are still trying out a few different demos. For some of you looking for a list of different imaging software options, here is a small list of some of the popular solutions out there:

by Symantec

on Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010

Usually I do the research for you in my blogs and leave you with my opinion. Well, fact of the matter is that with OS Deployment there is no such thing as a best tool. You must do the research and testing yourself and use a solution that works best for your organization. I like WDS and MDT 2010. But I have been looking at Altiris and GSS 2.5 as alternatives…. Have fun with your research!