I really enjoy Sysinternals tools and I prefer that it is included with every OS install that I deploy. The reason is because sometimes I need to travel to provide on-site support and I don't want to waste time downloading and installing the tools. I also use some other tools from the Windows XP Support Tools and Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. Basically, I needed some way of including these tools with every OS deployment but only include the appropriate tools for the OS version. We don't need the WinXP support tools in a Windows 7 deployment because Windows 7 already has these command line tools embedded.

So I came up with a quick little script for MDT that will do this for me. It was pretty simple to set this up, as I will show you. The script only copies files - nothing else. The batch script first it checks to see what the installed OS is - Windows XP or Windows 7. If the OS is Windows XP, then go to the XP instructions. If the OS is Windows 7, then go to the Windows 7 instructions. Simple, right?

First, we need to prep the MDT application. Make a folder on your computer called "SupportTools". Inside the SupportTools folder create 3 child-folders called "resourcekit", "sysinternals", and "xpsupporttools".

Then create a batch file with the following text:

Ver | Find "XP" > Nul
If not ErrorLevel 1 Echo OS is Windows XP

Ver | Find "6.1.7600" > Nul
If not ErrorLevel 1 Echo OS is Windows 7

xcopy \%server%%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\resourcekit C:\windows\system32\ /C /Q /Y
xcopy \%server%%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\xpsupporttools c:\windows\system32\ /C /Q /D
xcopy \%server%%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\sysinternals c:\windows\system32\ /C /Q /Y

xcopy \%server%%MDTshare%\Applications\supporttools\sysinternals c:\windows\system32\ /C /Q

*****DO NOT forget to customize this text to match that of your MDT environment.
%SERVER% = The server location of your MDT share.
%MDTSHARE% = The name of your MDT share.

Save the batch file in the root of the "supporttools" folder.

Next, we need to extract all 3 different versions of the support tools to the respective folders we just created. This is the easy part.

The Windows XP Support tools can be downloaded from here:

Run the MSI on your computer and choose all default options. After installation, you can find the files here: c:\program files\support tools. Copy all of these files to the "supporttools" folder.

The Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools can be downloaded from here:
After installation, you will find the files here: c:\program files\windows resource kits\tools. Copy all of these files to the "resourcekit" folder.

The Sysinternals Suite is found here: .
The download is just a ZIP file. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to the "sysinternals" folder.