It has taken me a while to find bits and pieces of information about the Windows 8 Dev Preview that was released last week. Some info such as removing the Metro UI and how long the Developer Preview will remain activated is not easy to find. So, I decided to share this info with the world! Read on for some answers to your burning questions….

When does the Windows 8 Dev Preview activation expire?

March 8th, 2012. This information is in the agreement screen right after installing Windows 8 from scratch. This agreement is also known as the End User License Agreement (EULA). After that date, I assume that the dev preview will not allow you to use it any longer (by shutting down the computer on its own or just not allowing itself to boot up). This date also hints at a possible ‘beta’ release before March 8th…

How do I disable the Metro user interface?

What computers will Windows 8 Dev Preview run on?

If the computer will run Windows 7, it will run the Windows 8 Developer Preview. In fact, some guy was able to get the Windows 8 Dev Preview running on a computer with 128mb of RAM

Does Windows Updates or Microsoft Updates still work in Windows 8?

Yes, but only for currently supported Microsoft products. This includes all Office suites, Microsoft Security Essentials or Microsoft Forefront, Silverlight, and other supported Microsoft software. I did notice that there were a few Windows 8 specific updates available (probably just to fix one or two bugs for developers), but just keep in mind that Windows 8 Developer Preview is just that – it is to be used to develop programs so they are ready for the actual Windows 8 launch. Windows 8 is NOT supported in any way, hence no security updates.

Does Windows 8 run faster than Windows 7?

The answer to this question is debatable. Look , or , or even here