So about that Zuckerberg testimony and the so called Facebook "data leaks"....

Ok. Let's be honest about all of this.

No one cares about this.

You don't care.

I don't care.

Your mom doesn't care.

Facebook employees don't care (especially Zuck).

Facebook shareholders and the stock markets don't care.

Congress REALLY doesn't care.

No one cares!

None of this matters. Not really anyway.

Not one bit.

The hearings are a complete waste of time and tax payer money.

Nothing will change because there is no reason to do so.

There is no financial or ethical incentives for making any type of systems changes regarding a user's privacy. No reason at all. This is a complete waste of time.

Why is this a waste of time?

  1. When was the last time you fully read the Facebook privacy policy or end user license agreement?

I already know the answer --- you haven't.

You've never read a privacy policy at all --- not even the HIPPA privacy policies at your doctor's office!

Yes I have read them before. I have read a few in it's entirety. I did because end user license agreements have come up in conversation in the past multiple times. So yes I have read some of them.

If you knew what was in those privacy policies or end user license agreements, AND if you took them seriously, you'd never agree. We all skip to the end and blindly agree because we just want to use the product. This is one way to prove that we don't care about the issue, and we also don't care about the consequences.

If you were really serious about keeping your "privacy" private you would never use services like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or Snapchat, or any other similar platform.

  1. If you really cared about your "privacy" right now you would remove yourself from social media entirely.

But you won't do that. You never will.

And neither will I.

Social media services are now a part of the culture.
It is a part of our lives.
That is what we've allowed to happen.

We will never take our personal privacy seriously anymore. Those days are over.

We have traded our so-called "privacy" for quick trips down the dopamine train. We will never give it up. We like Facebook too much.


Like I said. You don't care about this whole Facebook privacy thing. Neither do I.

To prove that you don't care, try this --- Delete your Facebook account RIGHT NOW (which doesn't really delete the account or all of your data by the way) and try never to come back to it.

Go ahead and try. I dare you. You'll be back again within 6 months.

Once you emit an idea from your mind into the world it is no longer your personal private information. It moves to the public domain.

So with that being said...

I'll see you on Facebook!

  • Joey D