There are a ton of reasons as to why one would need to take a screenshot of their computer screen. Maybe it could be for computer support reasons, or email a screenshot to a family member, or maybe you saw something cool on a webpage and you can’t copy it…. Well, we all know and love . It is a fantastic all-in-one screenshot maker and screenshot editor. But, the  downside is that it costs $50 per license but you get a TON of features. If you have a Windows 7 computer, then you have the free Snipping Tool available that is built into the operating system. But the Snipping Tool is just that – there are no features. You can edit the Snipping Tool screenshot using Paint, but that is about it.
is a great alternative to SnagIT and the Windows 7 Snipping Tool. You won’t have a good deal of the editing features in SnagIT but you will have a great deal more to work with than the Snipping Tool like the circle tool, rectangle tool, and highlight tool. also has the history feature similar to the one in SnagIT and is extremely easy to use. For example, to take a screenshot with simply hit the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard and the program goes into gear. Use the crosshairs to select a portion of the screen and the screenshot is automatically added to the   history and to the Windows clipboard. One of the best options with is that you can choose to install the program on the computer or just run the executable on its own! Running the EXE on its own has its benefits if you work in an organization that will not allow you to install programs on computers or if you just need a simple portable app for your USB drive. Definitely give this one a try. It is free for both home and commercial use!
If you are like me and work in a helpdesk-like environment, then you will love Screenpresso